About Us

Shiv Industries and Oil Mill is an essen group facet founded years back. With an enriched experience nearing to three decades, Our initial thrust on business was with kachi ghani pure mustard oil manufacturing, since from the outset shiv industries and oil mill has no compromise to quality matter and believes to deliver everything for customer satisfaction.

We believe, our customers deserve the best in every aspect and we’re keen to supply our premium MURLI brand mustard oil enlarge 100% purity and with all spontaneous goodness of nature.

Our manufacturing unit is located in bharatpur, Rajasthan as well, within the mustard oil belt , reducing the time and resources required to transport the produce to plant. The aim isn’t to produce more or produce faster – it is to ensure a non-disrupted supply and service to our customer and farmer network all year round, consciously. Our total production capacity is more than 17 tons per day and production area is 3800 square meters with complete hygienic environment for food safety.

We have own Morden Labrotry for quality check with experience staff.


Mustard oil, commonly known as sarson ka tel, is a vegetable oil extracted from seeds of the mustard plant. Intricately interwoven in the Indian culture, this oil dates back to Roman times, not only as a cooking option but a medicinal one as well. Looking back, mustard was the only cooking oil used in many Indian kitchens.


Mustard and its oil is used as a spice, condiment, herb, cooking oil and medicinal agent and has been referenced several times since 6th Century BC in various historical scriptures. Mustard oil was very popular in the Indian subcontinent and was an integral part of our cuisines. Mustard Oil to Indian cooing was what Olive Oil is to the Mediterranean diet.


Mustard oil's well-recognised flavour comes from its content of allyl isothiocyanate. Much like coffee beans are known to revive our sense of smell, mustard oil too has a similar effect owing to its very distinct smell. As seasoned chefs and everyday cooks tend to sniff kitchen ingredients before they use them, a whiff of mustard oil awakens their sense of smell, making it easier for them to identify a variety of fragrances, like the special smell of Indian spices.


  • The extraction of the oil from seeds is done by traditional and organic cold processing to maintain its purity.
  • To ensure that the mustard Oil is safe for consumption and there is no trace of contamination, adulteration or racidity.
  • To ensure that the Oil conforms with the national and international standards like FSSAI and other governing bodies.
  • To Determine the Shelf Life of the Edible Oil to establish the consumption period or the ‘Best Before’ date which helps maintain the quality of the final product.